Spreadsheet day

The notion for spreadsheet day came about on February 2010, when the significance of spreadsheets in day to day commercial enterprise operations, and in truth living, became apparent to its creator. By the following October, celebrations have been underway.

All of it really started back in October of 1979, when the first spreadsheet application Visicalc, was launched for the Apple II, and the system of organizing and computing big quantities of facts grew to be streamlined and simple.

It was developed with the aid of Dan Bricklin of Software Arts, and was once then produced for distribution with the aid of Personal Software, and marked the transition of Apple II’s from a machine for computer enthusiasts into a viable device for business.

What made VisiCalc so vital was once its ability to be used on private computers, finally placing this treasured device into the palms of house owners and small business owners alike.



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