Drummer day

Hug a Drummer Day is day to have fun drummers, a crew of percussionists who hold the rhythm and beat of music however the least celebrated musicians in a band are commonly, and are regularly neglected. The day was once created to convey a little perception and exposure to drummers. It used to be commenced in 2013 through Glen and others from Drumming. Co, and is supported by means of a range of drum companies. There are many kinds of drums. Hug a Drummer Day is celebrated all round the world in order to pay tribute to and show grasp for the drummers in bands. Because drummers take a seat at the very back of the stage at some stage in performances, it is often felt that they do now not receive the focus that they deserve and that they are unable to take their location in the spotlight with the rest of the band when they are on stage.

Ways to have fun hug a Drummer Day: The day is celebrated by means of hugging a drummer. Find a drummer you understand and remind them how important they are, and supply them a hug. Since drummers are frequently underappreciated, this may also be a correct day to research about some of the fine rock and jazz drummers ever.



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