World gratitude day

Today is World Gratitude Day. It is also the International Day of Peace. What a harmonic convergence of goodness. It looks only so fitting that each these occasions would make their domestic on the identical spot on our calendar each year. Officially adopted and superior by means of the United Nations, each reason verify hope, and offer significant recognition and occasion.

But how does gratitude convey about peace?

Living gratefully helps us to understand and create peace from the inner out. We focal point on cultivating emotional, bodily and intellectual states that embody peace, and we turn out to be better peacemakers. When we are grateful, we additionally come to be greater of what the world wants in order to be trustworthy peace-keepers:

Gratefulness makes us aware that lifestyles is a gift, and that treasuring and defending this present is paramount. We delight in and steward the massive and the small matters alike, and take a stand on behalf of what matters. Peace matters. Grateful humans journey themselves as interconnected with all others, and understand our inextricability as a global household living on this Earth. What is achieved to one, is done to all…

When we are grateful, “less is more” to us; we are greater content material and experience sufficiency more readily. This makes us less likely to make contributions to habits of consumption that amass and use up precious resources and give upward jab to conflict.

Gratefulness engenders love, compassion, and respect. It shapes how we relate to every other, and compels us towards kindness and generosity…towards these matters that nurture peace. Grateful humans are moved via love toward justice.



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